The majority of medium-large businesses these days have got rid of their small in-house shredders and opted for the more secure option of using a document management company. 

Having your documents shredded on-site ensures the documentation is destroyed before it leaves site. Although off-site shredding is also highly secure, some people feel reassured by having it done at their own premises. You can opt to use one of our lockable shredding consoles for added security too, just fill it up as you go and then we’ll come and empty the contents, shred it, and issue you with certification.  

If your company hold financial records, customer information, medical records, legal documentation, personnel files, tax reports or similar, you would really benefit from using our document shredding service to give you complete peace of mind that you are not in breach of GDPR regulations.  

Take the stress away and let us come to you to destroy your sensitive data!  

Gary collecting a shredding bin