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Restaurants & Retail

The retail and restaurant industries are governed by strict customer confidentiality regulations such as those introduced by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Council. EvaStore can assist in the standards compliance process by protecting and managing critical customer transactions records including till receipts as well as recruitment and HR archives, personnel files and payroll records.

EvaStore’s secure document storage facilities are monitored constantly by temperature and humidity sensors and are equipped with a managed access control system, extensive CCTV coverage and security lighting as well intruder and fire detection which is linked via RedCare GSM to the emergency services so sensitive and confidential documentation is safe and secure with EvaStore document storage.

EvaStore are a strategic partner of O’Neil Software, the industry leading document storage software and hardware solution which allows secure on-line access to the information associated to items held in storage, so important files and documents can be managed anywhere with web-access.