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Public Sector

Government legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulation legally obliges public authorities to provide information on request within the 20 working days timescale which means that it is essential for you to practice good records management to ensure information can be quickly identified and retrieved.

EvaStore provide comprehensive cataloguing services which improves the integrity of the data associated to confidential archives increasing both the accuracy of retention management and speed of the retrieval process. Information covered by an absolute exemption is required to be legally retained for an extended period of time, which is why we continually invest in technology and our facilities to ensure the continuous improvement in the standard and efficiency of our services. It is also important to consider that applicants have the right to express a preference about the form in which information is released.

To complement our physical retrieval service, EvaStore provide a scan-on-demand service for quick and efficient electronic retrieval of documentation from your boxes or files held in storage so you benefit from relocating your physical archiving to EvaStore’s managed document storage, yet have the information you need rapidly retrieved electronically.