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O’Neil Strategic Partner

EvaStore recognises the importance of managing your documents efficiently and accurately and as such has teamed up with O’Neil Software to become an O’Neil Software Strategic Partner.

O’Neil Software provides Industry Leading records management software and hardware which gives us the ability to effectively manage, store, track and retrieve your Boxes, Files and Documents.


O’Neil RS-SQL Software  is state of the art records management software which allows us to accurately track and monitor the location and activities of your stored Boxes, Files and Documents throughout our facility from date of collection to eventual destruction.

O’Neil RS-SQL integrates seamlessly with the RS-Mobile handheld scanners carried by our drivers / warehouse operatives allowing the barcodes on your Boxes, Files and Documents to be scanned at each and every point on their way to or around our Document Storage Facility ensuring we always know where your documents are at any given time.


O’Neil’s RS-WEB Software offers an online portal allowing our customers immediate access to their documents. RS-WEB allows you to login to our system and see for yourself which of your Boxes, Files and Documents are currently stored in our facility and also allows you to request Retrievals, Arrange Collections, Order Archiving Supplies, or check the ETA of outstanding orders/collections/deliveries.

O’Neil RS-Mobile

O’Neil Software RS-Mobile are handheld scanner used by all of our drivers and warehouse personnel to scan the barcodes on each and every Box, File or Document you have with us. RS-Mobile ensures that all the Boxes & Documents held in our facility are constantly and accurately tracked whilst in our possession. Each of your documents are issued unique barcodes upon collection and are immediately scanned onto our system by the driver. This barcode remains with your documents for their entire time with us allowing us to know exactly where they are from the moment they’re collected to the time they are securely destroyed or returned to your care.