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Document Storage

EvaStore Ltd specialises in Document Storage and Management relieving you of the cost and responsibility of managing your important business files and documents in-house.

Document Storage Facility

Our state of the art Secure Document Storage Facilities utilise the very latest Record Management Hardware & Software along with the very best security systems ensuring that your Documents are professionally and efficiently managed in a safe & secure manner.

Your documents will be barcoded and scanned on collection and on arrival in our facility they will be professionally and efficiently catalogued to ensure 100% traceability throughout their time with us until the day they are securely destroyed or returned back to your own care.

EvaStore has become an O’Neil Software Strategic Partner and uses their Industry Leading RS-SQL, RS-Mobile & RS-Web Software & Hardware ensuring 100% traceability of your documents and high quality management.

Document Collection

When you sign up with EvaStore we will arrange for your Boxes, Documents and files to be collected either directly from you or an incumbent supplier for delivery into one of our Document Storage Facilities.

EvaStore will accept storage boxes of any size, so unlike some of our competitors, there is no necessity for you to re-box your existing documents and files into EvaStore storage boxes prior to collection. Of course, for your on-going document storage requirements, we would encourage you to use our selection of high quality archive boxes available in a variety of sizes.

Secure Document Storage

Our Document Storage Facility features state of the art CCTV systems, movement around the facility is both recorded and restricted by use of security tags and out of hours security patrols maintain a visible presence.

If you have Documents of a more sensitive nature they can be deposited in our custom built Secure Vault which features an additional layer of security along with an automatic fire suppression system.