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Document Shredding

The need for Documents, Files and Boxes to be securely destroyed is of paramount importance considering the amount of fraud and identity theft which takes place in today’s world. EvaStore recognises the importance of destroying files which are no longer required in a secure manner which prevents any chance of the information from being reconstructed.

EvaStore offers secure and confidential Document Shredding services both for Boxes, Files & Documents already in our facility and for any you may require collecting from your premises. Certain Documents may have set retention dates i.e. a period of time which they must be retained determined by industry regulations before they can be securely destroyed and we actively monitor and review these dates and notifying you when they can be securely shredded.

Once we receive confirmation from you that the Boxes, Files and Documents can be destroyed we pick the relevant files from our Document Storage Facility, prepare them from destruction and then securely shred them. The process is then completed and finalised by us issuing you with a destruction certificate to complete any audit trail relevant for your file

Document Shredding Service

We can supply you with Document Shredding Sacks for periodic or ‘one-off’ clear ours of no longer needed documents. Alternatively if you require a more permanent solution for your document destruction needs we can hire out secure confidential waste bins or consoles which you fill with your everyday confidential paper waste. Once these bins are full we can collect and return them to our facility where the documents within will be securely shredded and a certificate of destruction will be issued to you.