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Document Retrieval

Once you have stored your boxes, documents and files with EvaStore there may be occasions where you need certain boxes or maybe an individual file returned to you. EvaStore offers the peace of mind of providing long term storage for your sensitive documents along with the ability to return them to you rapidly whenever you may require them.

Document Retrieval

EvaStore uses O’Neil Software RS-SQL & RS-Mobile records management software and hardware which provides us the ability to rapidly retrieve and return any documents / boxes you require. All Boxes & Files have unique barcodes assigned to them upon collection and are scanned with RS-Mobiles by our drivers and warehouse personnel each and every time they are moved which enables us to always know exactly where your important boxes and documents are at all times. This ensures that we are able to return them to you as rapidly as possible when needed.

Once you no longer require the retrieved documents they can be returned to EvaStore for storage where upon they will be re-scanned back into our system and re-filed back into our Secure Document Storage Facility until such time as you may require them again.

Online Document Retrieval

O’Neil software also provides us with RS-Web which allows us retrieve your documents from our storage facility, scan the ones you require and them allow you access to them via the RS-Web secure online portal. You can login to RS-Web and then download the files directly to your computer. This is ideal for occasions when you don’t require the physical files returned to your premises but need to view certain ones. Files are also password protected to provide an additional layer of security.