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Clean Out Your Inbox Week

Posted on: January 20th, 2013 by Kevin Jones

(20th Jan 2013 – 26th Jan 2013)

For the 6th year running Google’s Gmail is holding its annual “Clean out your inbox week” encouraging its millions of users to clear out the clutter and to organise their email inbox more effectively.

Like all modern business, EvaStore recognises the importance of keeping emails organised and clutter free but maybe you should consider taking Google’s “Clean out your inbox week” a step further and apply the same principles to your companies document storage and records management processes.

It is all too easy to allow our important files and documents to build up to gargantuan levels making them difficult to organise, store and retrieve when needed. In order for our businesses to be productive and profitable it is vital that we implement an effective Document Management policy and most often the best solution is to outsource to a professional Document Storage company.

Outsourcing your Physical Document Storage allows you to store your documents offsite where they can be kept safe and secure whilst at the same time allowing them to be retrieved rapidly when required by your office.

The key benefits to offsite document storage are:

  • Reduces amount of space required on your premises for records storage
  • Stores your documents in a safe and secure facility with the very latest CCTV, access control and alarm systems installed
  • Relieves you of the burden of managing your important files and documents
  • All files & documents are tracked using O’Neil Records Management Software allowing for complete traceability at all times
  • Your files & documents can be retrieved and dispatched to you when needed onsite within 24 hours
  • We manage your documents for you freeing up you and your staff to carry out more profitable tasks within your business

So why not extend “Clean out your inbox week” into cleaning our your files and documents and storing them offsite giving your business a “spring clean” for 2013 along with the peace of mind which comes from having your document storage and archiving professionally managed.

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