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Friday 14th December – National Salesperson Day

Posted on: December 14th, 2012 by Kevin Jones

Today is National Salesperson Day; we asked EvaStore what they thought made a good sales team, what skills their sales team had to offer and why they felt they offered a good sales service. Here is what the had to say;

What Makes a Good Sales Team?

1. Respond to enquiries quickly & professionally
2. Listen Carefully to what the client wants so we can tailor our solution to their exact needs
3. Friendly & Approachable
4. Always available to talk when the client needs to
5. Continues their relationships with the client after the sale has been closed and provide after care support
6. Presents a position image and experience of the company

Different Skills

1. Some members of our sales team are very business profit & loss orientated
2. Others are more technical and have deep understanding of our processes and services
3. Others have excellent customer service skills
4. Others driven to exceed targets
5. All the above contribute to a well-rounded team who work well together and who can support each other with their different skills / specialties

EvaStore avoid aggressive sales methods such as cold calling and prefer to target our marketing towards companies who have shown an interest in our services. We believe in working with our clients in order to manage their documents in a way that reduces their costs in time / money whilst managing them effectively.

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